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Little Known Dramatics Tidbits

**Winzell, “Squirrel”, and Willie were all members of the Capitols during different times.

**Before they were the Dramatics, they were the Sensations. Larry Demps chose the name Dramatics: the combination of music and drama in a stage performance, the way they “act out” the song, that is dramatics.

**Their least favorite song is “Highway to Heaven”.

**When Ron first heard “Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get”, he thought it sounded like a carnival song. “We wanted a hit”, he said in an interview. Apparently, Ron didn’t think “Whatcha” was hit material!

**There have been thirteen Dramatics in all, but the four members who have been in the group the longest and are still in the group are Ron, Willie, L.J., and Lenny.

**L.J. has had more leads than anyone else in the group.

**Both Ron Banks' younger brother, Bryan, and Dramatics member (from 1989-1994) Steve Barnett Boyd were a member of the group Five Special (of "Why Leave Us Alone" fame).

**Steve Barnett Boyd: His mother's maiden name is "Boyd" and his stepfather's last name is Barnett. His real father is Lamont Dozier.

**L.J. was with the group Chocolate Syrup before joining the Dramatics. What happened was, a song was recorded with the original members of Chocolate Syrup before L.J. even met the guys, then L.J.'s voice was recorded seperately, then both tracks were mixed together, and the group was renamed "L.J. REYNOLDS AND CHOCOLATE SYRUP". The other members of Chocolate Syrup, not surprisingly, were VERY mad at him when they found out!

**L.J. left the Chocolate Syrup group in 1972 because he had a falling out with one of the members. L.J. was a small guy, weighing no more than 130 lbs, and the other guy was HUGE, so L.J. figured that he better leave when things started to become physical.

**The second set of Dramatics featuring William "Wee Gee" Howard that generated in 1974 featured Wee Gee, Elbert, Arthur Phillips, Isaac Red, and Dupree Sims. The real Dramatics called these guys "the Fanatics".

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