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Tour Schedule
February 7: Cincinatti, OH
February 8: Palace Theater, Cleveland, OH
February 14: Las Vegas, Nevada
February 15: Palace Theater, Columbus, OH
February 22: Detroit, MI
February 28: To Be Announced
March 1: Star Plaza, Merrillville, IN

Concert Pictures from Fans

Reviews By Fans

August 3, 2001
Tunica, MS
By BAD*A*Drama

The five mics go back out, and you could hear people buzzing because the Mighty, Mighty DRAMS were coming up next. Mr. WENDAL and the DRAMPLAYERS take the stage. The announcer comes on and says from Detroit, these are the mighty DRAMATICS. You should have heard the noise from the crowd. It was like thunder in the distance building up to a fever pitch. I was in Tunica last year for the 70's Soul Jam, but this year the fans did something they didn't last year. The thunder I was hearing was people stomping there feet on the stands. You can imagine the amount of noise that was in Event Center. You could tell that they loved the DRAMS. The guys came on the stage dressed in their creme colored suits. Of course, they didn't keep those jackets on very long. I love the way the guys can pull an audience into their performance. People were standing up, dancing and clapping even before the guys asked them. They came ready for this concert. When L.J. asked everybody to get up on their feet, everybody in the whole place was up. Dah DRAMS were on FIRE!!!!!!!! They left the stage to a hail storm of applause and delighted screams. The DRAMPLAYERS did their thang too. Mr. WENDAL and they guys were doing the do to death. Thank you Mr. WENDAL. You are a real sweetheart. The Stylistics came on last. They were also good. To say that I had a good time was to put it too mildly. I had a DRAMATICALLY WONDERFUL TIME.

September 23, 2001
Orlando, FL
By Dramatic Soul

Well, I know you have been waiting....let me just say that when the MC announced the Drams, here I was in the 5th row back with my eyes glued to the stage....then out they came in their white suits and my heart was pounding SO bad I thought I was going to have some kind of attack...then I saw those beautiful faces and heard the voices and I was so damned proud of our guys and to be a member of the DramFam!! I thought of everyone here on this board and wished we could all see them together one day! The first song was HEY YOU! GET OFF MY MOUNTAIN! and I was jumping up and down in my seat. Continuing....When I saw the Drams come on stage I felt like I was having an out of body experience! Think about it, I have spent so much time making the web pages, I felt like they should have KNOWN me!! The Drams were next to last in performing and after they got done, Mr Wendal came to get us to go backstage. It seems that by the time we got there, Willie, Lenny and Winzell had left !! Can you believe it?? Well, Ron and LJ were in the dressing room and I had my LOVE IS ABOUT TO START CD in my purse and LJ said, "That's the next best thing to a woman having makeup in her purse". Once he saw that, he hugged me. Then the attention turned to Ron as I had the DOO WOP TO DRAMATIC script that DramaticDiva had made to give to him. He was very, very interested in it and seemed eager to read it!

February 16, 2002
Philadelphia, PA
By Brendeeva

Our guys are just SENSATIONAL!! to say the least. To better say it, we can use each word that we used on the IMUSIC Board to describe them, no question. They were dressed in black and white and looked just too handsome for words. The suits were black with white ruffled shirts, and the jackets were long. They certainly were in rare form too, just cuttin up and showin off. They just took the show and I must add as usual. They shared the Bill with, The Persuaders, The Delfonics, The Chi-Lites and The Stylistics. The usual happened, the folks started leaving after our guys. And just think, all the groups were local there in Philly except The Chi-Lites and our Drams. What does that tell ya? I really need to leave that JUICE alone!!! Again, the batteries in my digital camera were drained but I did manage to get a few back stage pictures, which Iíll certainly share when I get them developed which will be tomorrow. I want to also report that Willie is doing just fine. I told him how worried we were about him after he had gotten sick during the taping of the Christmas show. He really appreciates our concern. Diva, this comment is especially for you. L.J. was serenading us in Spanish and I might add that he speaks or should I say sings it quite fluently. Our guys are just FABULOUS. They are really looking forward to doing the tours with The Ojays and Dennis Edwards and The Temptations Review. I also told each one of them just how much that we LOVE the new CD and they are just so happy about that. By the way, they didnít sing any of the songs from the New CD, I wonder if that was a contractual thang?

March 24, 2002
New Orleans, LA
By Drama7

Hey DramFam! The TOM JOYNER'S CLassic Soul Tour 2002 was the BOMB!!!!!!!!!!! DENNIS EDWARDS & TEMPS Review were first. They did about a 45 minute show. THE DRAMATIC Players played a brief medley of Drams hits and then.....The Big Moment...The Dramatics were announced to a thunderous applause and took the stage wearing BLUE UNIFORMS with White shirts. They looked great! They opened with "Hey You!...", "IN THE RAIN (Led by Lenny)", "Fell For You..."Whatcha See...", "You're Foolin' You", "Thankful For Your Love" Co-Led By Winzell & L.J.,The Message "Beware...& The Devil is Dope", "Me & Mrs. Jones" ,"The Rap Skit" and the new skit with Soul Rock & Roll Legends James Brown( L.J. in a wig ), Stevie Wonder(Ron Banks) and Isaac Hayes (Willie Ford). I won't go into details about the skit because I don't want to spoil it for the DramFam who haven't seen it yet but I can tell you that it brought the house down. The Dramatics were in rare form last night. I was very impressed with the strength of the guys voices after all of these years and the fact they are doing concerts almost every night. 5 great lead singers. I was very impressed with Winzell's voice which I wasn't as familiar with as the others. He has great range and did a fantastic job on THANKFUL FOR YOUR LOVE one of my favorite ballads from the old days. The Dramatic Players were Sizzling throughout the concert. L.J., Ron, Lenny and Willie still have the goods; and Winzell is a great addition to the group. The O'Jays closed the show but had a very tough act to follow with The Dramatics. All Three groups were fabulous but I must give the edge to The Dramatics as the best last night with The O'Jays finishing 2nd and Dennis & The Temps Review(who were good but not quite as good as the Drams or 'Jays.

March 28, 2002
Atlanta, GA
By Dramatic Diva

With my biggest L.J. REYNOLDS SMILE...
Here is the review, in detail! I had typed up this WHOLE LONG POST just a minute before, but it didn't post so now I have to type it over! We arrived at the Civic Center for the show a little too early and had to wait outside. Finally, after about 30 minutes, we were allowed in. We stood in a line and then the ushers led us to our seats. I was in the front orchestra. After a few announcements, Dennis and the Review came on. They were good, but I was so anxious for the DRAMS to come on. After 45 minutes and a short break, the curtaions opened and the Drams' road manager announced
"These are the Dramatic Players!" The DramPlayers played the intro to the show.
These guys are SUPER. Then, the Drams are announced and they appear, wearing long, black satin jackets with silver glitter detail on the jackets, black satin pants, and silver satin shirts! I couldn't believe I was seeing the Drams live onstage! I screamed their names. They opened with "Hey You!" and then "Whatcha See!, one of my all time favorites! I got so excited, I couldn't stay in my seat. And when (((((((((L*J*)))))))) sang "If what you're looking for is real loving, then what you see is whatcha get", he opened up his jacket and wiggled his hips and I did it right along with him! I love that! They also did "Message Song", "Fooling You", "Mrs. Jones", "Thank You For Your Love" (Winzell sounds so good on this one!), "Can't Get Over You" (When L*J* did this, I screamed his name as loud as I could and the guy next to me said, "Is that L*J*?" and I'm like WHO ELSE?), "Doggy Dog World" (When Lenny starts wrapping, L*J* said HOLD IT, WE AIN'T NO WRAPPERS, WE SANGERS! And Lenny said EVERYTIME WE DO THIS, LIL' BOW WOW HAS TO REMIND ME THAT WE DON'T WRAP AND I HAVE TO TELL HIM THAT I JUST LUVVV WRAPPIN MY A$$ OFF! ), The James/Stevie/Isaac skit (Willie wore a gold cape and NO SHIRT UNDERNEATH when they did SHAFT! Props to the DramPlayers on the music to this song!),
"Shake It Well" (The mystery is solved! They skip the "My name is Squirrel" line altogether and jump to Ron's line...) They closed with "Be My Girl/Clap Your Hands/Detroit Win/Toast to the Foil" and "Get Up Get Down". They did not do anything from LOOK INSIDE .
After the intermission, I went backstage to MEET THE DRAMS! I saw RON sitting in a chair and my heart was pounding as I walked up to him and introduced myself! Ron has very beautiful eyes and is even more handsome in person than he is in pictures! I asked him to sign my LOOK INSIDE CD, and he signed that as well as a recent glossy picture of the Drams. Ron is very, very nice and easy to talk to. After Ron had signed, guess who appeared? L*J*! I was standing face to face with my favorite Dram! It seemed so unreal that I was talking to him! He also signed my CD and the glossy picture. I told him that I love LOOK INSIDE and that my favorite track is "Got My Pride" and he was so pleased. L*J* is very sweet, down to earth, and classy. He is a foine gentleman. I got my picture taken with Ron and L*J*. Later on, I met WINZELL! I saw this tall guy in a black velvet jogging suit and braided extensions and I became so nervous as I called him over for his autograph. He is a great guy. I also met two of the Dramatic Players, Benny and Wendal. They are very funny and sweet and I felt comfortable chatting with them. Finally, I met Willie. I thought he was going to be a quiet and reserved type, but WILLIE is so friendly and funny! I have a lot of backstage pictures, but I didn't finish the film yet. When I do, I will make sure to share them. I did not get to meet LENNY , but I really wanted to. I waited for him a very long time, but he did not show up. This has been the very best Dramatic experience ever! The Drams and Players are the greatest guys as well as performers and I can't tell you how much I enjoyed hanging with them/.I will see them in concert again whenever I get the chance to.

March 30, 2002
Cleveland, OH
By NorthCoastDramaQueen

The Dramatics came out, Long black jackets trimmed in silver, white satin (I think) shirts,
started off with "Whacha See" and it was OONN!!! They sang;
"can't get over you" Thank you baby" "door to your heart" (why'd they have to go there!!)
"In the Rain" and many more. ( I can't remember the rest)
They were in FINE FORM!!!
The reason I can remember is because they turned the show out from show to party, and Lawd,
I can't for the life of me remember what they were singing, but I tell you this,
everyone was up and the aisles were packed we partied like Prince "1999" my feet hurt yall!
2 ouches FOR My DAWGS!
The Drams came out of those beautiful jackets, and got down, it was one big family, party.
I haven't partied so hard at a concert since my last Parliment/Funkadelic concert...

March 31, 2002
Detroit, MI
By WendalsSis

The DRAMATICS. I am trying not to be so prejudice for our guys.
I want to be fair in my opinion.
First the disappointing news. LENNY WASN'T THERE. .
(It is nothing to worry about) He will be at the next gig.
L.J's cousin, Donald, stood in the back by the band with LENNY'S Jacket and sung the background for Lenny.
He was groving back there, but he didn't do any lead, and he didnt come out in front.
They introduced him.
So, CLEVELAND, what did you all do to LENNY, my favorite DRAMATIC?
Second: SQUIRRLE wasn't there. He is under the weather.
The DRAMATIC PLAYERS were great. I saw Marty, and talked to him.
He said he couldn't find the link to the board.
I promised to email it to him. So maybe he will start posting again.
The DRAMS had on that blue outfit with the long jackets, with the diamond arrow studs
going across the shoulders, with a white shirt ruffled collar.
They sang all the hits. WINZELL sounded nice doing that rap.
Actually, it sounded more like reggae, on the Bob Marley style.
(I love to watch Lenny dance) Since LENNY wasn't there I concentrated on WILLIE.
WILLIE was getting down with his steps.
He looked really great and we all enjoyed him as he sung his bass lines.
I yelled his name a few times, to let him know we were pleased with his singing.
L.J. seems to get better and better. This tour is really good for him.
That man sang his heart out. His voice was so clear.
And you know RON teased the crowd.
Acting silly, and really having a great time. Then they did the skit.
It was really great. I laughed so hard at L.J.
He had the crowd going. He was great with his James Brown act.
And RON, came out bobbing his head from side to side, like Stevie. (He outa quit)
Then out somes Issac Hayes. I didn't recognize WILLIE at first.
He had on the cape, I think it was gold colored.
He didn't have a shirt on so you could see his chest.
(ummm, not bad.) And he sounded so good singing Issac's song. I was really proud of him.
He seems like my little brother.
Everything was great, except the two people behind me.
They were yelling profanities whenever something didn't go their way.
(luckyily DIVA wasn't there to hear it)
(While the REVIEW was on, Mr. Wendal came to my seat and gave me the backstage pass,
and a camara) So, the people in my area rightfully assumed that I knew the DRAMS.
So, when the lady yelled something not so nice,
she said "Oh, I'm sorry, those are your people aren't they".
I said, "That's ok" but I wanted to say you paid $77 dollars to act like a #$@%.
I went back stage after the DRAMS to get my pictures autographed.
L.J. had already left.
(That was fine though, I know he couldnt wait to get home and get to bed.
They are leaving out about 8pm tomorrow.)

April 5, 2002
Los Angeles, CA
By DramaOnPaperOnly

I left Moreno Valley at 5:00pm sharp!
One thing I know, that California traffic is no joke.
I arrived at what was known as the Universal Amphitheatre about 7:10pm.
Showtime is at 8:15. As I walked through the Universal Walk I could feel the excitement as I got closer to the theatre.
People everywhere, dressed to kill.
Beautiful couples laughing and gazing into eachother eyes with that look of expectation,
knowing they were in for a evening of melodrama. Tom Joyner came out
and did his thing (he was funny) then came out the Temps.
They were really good. They have great voices and had the LA crowd to it's feet.
When they left the stage, Tom Joyner told the crowd that the Dramatics were up next, and the place went wild!
After a brief intermission, the Dramatics Players took control, all I can say is WOW!
They werwe in full gear with a Musical Director and Orchestra which included five violins.
I have never heard them sound so good! Then the mighty powerful Dramatics took center stage and went to work!
Out came Ron, LJ, Lenny, and Wenzell, no Willie, but they had a standin bassman who sung behind them, and he was good!
The Dramatics dressed in Black long jackets with two 4" silver stripes on them, silver shrits, black pants, and black shoes, they were sharp!
Ron Banks is a showman above all showmen! He and the Dramatics know how to "sit you down and entertain ya."
The stage was so beautiful for the Dramatics,
it was a black background with hundreds of blue stars, it was very dramatic.
These cats sung, and sung. They did all that DDIVA wrote about in her Atlanta review except for Willie's part.
Our Dramatics torn the house down, after they rebuild it,it has to renamed the "Dramatics Amphitheatre At Universal".
Just before they left the stage they had this wonderful young lady rapper, rap to the song "Get Up Get Down" and she was great!
Then it was over, people trying to collect themsevles to get ready for the O'Jays.
The O'Jays were finishing the throwdown of the theatre when I left after three songs.
You might be asking 'why did you leave so early?'
well I paid my money for the Dramatics, and for "me" the other groups are a bonus that I can take or leave.
The Tempts were the "appetizers" the Dramatics were the "main course" and the O'Jays were the "dessert".
The main course was so good, I did not have room for much dessert!